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The Guardian
Turkey is a good bet this year, since it’s not in the eurozone and the pound is holding its own. Benji Lanyado dives into the blogosphere to bring you insider tips to its cultural capital

  Blog by blog guide to … Istanbul - Travel -

Blog by blog guide to … Istanbul - Travel -

Think again. Istanbul through my eyes is a bottomless pit of a photoblog, with thousands of entries attributed to every corner of the city. Perhaps its most endearing attribute is the author’s penchant for pairing pictures with ruminative quotes – the Sultanahmet mosque, for example, is coupled with a quote from Sufi mystic Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi. Elsewhere in the district a mysterious window in the Topakı Palace is followed by an extract from Orhan Pamuk’s New Life; and another view of the district is accompanied by Leonard Cohen’s Hey, That’s No Way to Say Goodbye. One part bizarre, two parts captivating … a perfect recipe for an excellent blog.
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Press Europe (The best of the European press, in 10 languages)

Istanbul betonuje staré čtvrti , photos by ozgur ozkok

Istanbul betonuje staré čtvrti , photos by ozgur ozkok

Turecká metropole, která byla letos zvolena Evropským hlavním městem kultury, by mohla brzy ztratit své místo na Seznamu světového kulturního dědictví UNESCO. Důvodem je politika ničení jeho starého města, vedená sponzory a podporovaná místními úřady.

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Turkish Muse

Turkish Muse

Turkish Muse

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Site Loki (قاعدة بيانات للمعلومات الاجتماعية على الإنترنت.)

istanbul through my eyes, by ozgur ozkok

istanbul through my eyes, by ozgur ozkok

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Earth Laughs in Flowers

Blog of the Month Istanbul Through My Eyes - Earth Laughs In

Every month I will be choosing one blog to review and this month’s blog is a wonderful picture journal of Istanbul, called Istanbul Through My Eyes, owned by Ozgur Ozkok.

I happened to stumble upon this blog while trawling the internet for blogs on Turkey. This lovely blog has an amazing collection of photographs from Istanbul and around Turkey.

Through Ozgur’s photographs I feel transport back to my favourite city in Turkey. Ozgur’s photographs takes you into an Istanbul that many of us may never see, Ozgur captures the real life of Istanbul and not just the world of the tourist. Ozgur’s photographs for me make me want to explore off the beaten track of Istanbul and really experience this fascinating city more.

Ozgur also accompanies some of the photographs with poems and articles which give the photographs another dimension and meaning. It will take you hours to view all of the pictures on this fascinating blog but it means you will never get bored as each click of the mouse takes you to another wonderful picture.

I hope you will enjoy Istanbul Through My Eyes as much as I do and maybe it will give you some inspiration for a trip to Istanbul.

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