Eleka Rugam-Rebane

My name is Eleka. I live and work in Estonia, a small country near the Baltic Sea.
Have to admit that my appearance here is due to Istanbul.
I was struck by this city last year. More precisely, it happened in April 2010. I remember very clearly how it happened. Totally. Completely. Overwhelmed.
And since then I became an Istanbul-addict.
Every now and then I come back here, to Istanbul and let my mood and the city carry me towards new places and experiences.
What makes Istanbul so irresistible? Everyone who visits this place has its own answer.
Here at “istanbul thru my eyes”  I would like to share my Istanbul with you.

for my posts https://istanbulstreets.wordpress.com/author/eleka19/

One response to “Eleka Rugam-Rebane

  1. omg my name is Eleka too……. i have never found or heard of anyone with the same name !!!!

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