I am a pentaxian :)   This is my camera bag

  • Pentax K10d
  • pentax DA 18-55 mm f3.5  kit lens
  • pentax DA 15 mm f4 limited lens
  • pentax FA 50 mm f1.4 lens
  • pentax SMC-F  100-300 mm f4.5  lens
  • tamron 28-75mm f.28 lens
  • vivitar 2x converter
  • ND, PL and UV filters
  • Tamrac adventure 9 back pack
  • Tamrac pro8 shoulder bag
  • Lowepro inverse100 bag

My old equipments

  • pentax z1-p
  • pentax me super
  • zenit automat/PK



See my photos featured in the PENTAX Photogallery

5 responses to “Pentax

  1. again?!

  2. Hack again?!

  3. кран балка

    Lerman, great photos thanks for sharing it!

  4. bence senin lenste bi back focus hatasi var veya kasti olarak inanilmaz bulnaik cekiyorsun.

  5. The publish has actually peaked my curiosity.

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