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The residential history of Tesvikiye Camii

Teşvikiye Camii, Teşvikiye Mosque, Istanbul, pentax kx

Teşvikiye Camii, Teşvikiye Mosque, Istanbul, pentax kx


Until 1954, Teşvikiye was a district of Beşiktaş and on that day it was linked to Şişli Borough.

The residential history of Teşvikiye goes back to middles of 19th century. Previously it completely had rural look. During the period of Sultan Selim III, (1789-1807) this place was a hunting and shooting practice area and the memorial of this is in the yard of Teşvikiye Mosque. Beside this stone having the date of 1205/1790-91 there is another shooting practice stone belonging to Sultan Mahmud II with the date of 1226/1811 and it is also in Teşvikiye Mosque while the other one is at Nişantaşı – Ihlamur road at Topağacı section of the district taking place in the front garden of an apartment. Continue reading