there is an inner wakefulness, that directs the dream

Istanbul tulip festival, İstanbul lale festivali, Emirgan, pentax k10d

Istanbul tulip festival, İstanbul lale festivali, Emirgan, pentax k10d

Inner Wakefulness

This place is a dream
only a sleeper considers it real
then death comes like dawn
and you wake up laughing
at what you thought
was your grief

A man goes to sleep in the town
where he has always lived
and he dreams
he’s living in another town
in the dream he doesn’t remember
the town he’s sleeping in his bed in
he believes the reality
of the dream town
the world is that kind of sleep

Humankind is being led
along an evolving course,
through this migration
of intelligences
and though we seem
to be sleeping
there is an inner wakefulness,
that directs the dream
and that will eventually
startle us back
to the truth of
who we are

from The Essential Rumi, Translated by Coleman Barks


7 responses to “there is an inner wakefulness, that directs the dream

  1. Merhaba özgür

    Thank you for the nice pics of the tulip festival in istanbul. I was i Istanbul 30 years ago, and again 20 years ago and then this year i may and I be back may next year and then again in may 2013. I love istanbul, it got everything I can ask for. I’m an amateur photographer and spend much of my free time with my camera and my computer with phptoShop.
    Maybe I will accept your offer of help for routing your secret streets, if it is ok for you. I will contact you later.
    içtenlikle Jenny Bergquist Denmark

  2. Caroline, I must admit that I have a temptation to return to Istanbul in April :) I feel like I have one foot there already.
    Thanks for your answer!

  3. Hi Özgür,
    I could not agree more with Caroline. I like your photos of tulips immensely :) How long does the tulip festival last? No longer than a couple of weeks I presume. Me and my friend are going to be in Istanbul in the middle of March, but probably there is no chance to see tulips that early :(

    All the best,

    • So hi Eleka and Ozgur once again:)
      I was checking info on website of Istanbul Metroplolitan Municipality and i found there programme of Tulip Festival from last 5 years. I understood from there (but it was in turkish language so maybe i undertood wrong:D ) that those festival lasted appromixately 1 week but last year it was 17 days! (from 2-18 april). It mainly depends on weather right? And during festival and after it there are organized exhibitons of the most beutiful tulips.
      But how does it look like in reality…? How do tulips appear there, i mean- are they spread during festival and with time more and more places are full of them or everything is prepared just from first day of festival?

      Ozgur- thanks for your answer and invitation;)
      Eleka- doesn’t beauty of these phots make u change your plans about visitiing Istanbul later? :)

  4. Merhaba,
    I am deli about tulips. I would like so much to visit Istanbul during Tulip Festival…Is it known what dates it will be this year?
    Ozgur, u did harika photos of tulips…

    • Hi Caroline (merhaba :) )

      thanks for your shining words.

      Tulip festival is on first week of April. Exact time depends on weather:(

      If you visit Istanbul please say to me. This is open invitation for all my readers. I may help for routing or secret streets :)


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