Yeni Camii, Eminönü

Yeni Camii, Eminönü, İstanbul, pentax k10d

Yeni Camii, Eminönü, İstanbul, pentax k10d

8 responses to “Yeni Camii, Eminönü

  1. Wow… Its a huge interior design. By looking at the picture I am feeling to visit such a nice place. I was not having any idea that it would be such a huge and very well designed from inside. Thanks for sharing such a nice picture.

  2. The interior architecture of this mosque is very unique .Its enchanting beauty of decorated lamp is very graceful on the top of inner dome…….

  3. i am very much happy n glad to see this pic cause i never go inside the mosque from this i got see the mosque’s inner parts,this pic is really fantastic .

  4. Hola! que interesante lugar, como sera verlo bien de serca qeu tipos de actividades practican alli o es un centro ?? tipo ver y todo lo demas..

  5. while i’m not really familiar with all muslim customs, i am intrigued by the men praying standing up. i always thought you had to kneel, hence the prayer rug…
    is it a local way of doing things, or just tourists passing by and i’m getting confused, or what?

    • Hi,

      all of them are from praya rituel. We are in Ramadan so I am trying to share some mosque photos.


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