old wooden houses in Zeyrek’s streets

old fabric wooden house, Zeyrek, İstanbul, pentax k10d

old fabric wooden house, Zeyrek, İstanbul, pentax k10d

5 responses to “old wooden houses in Zeyrek’s streets

  1. These buildings need love and protection, in short restoration with love. I hope “urban transformation” plans never come close to them. By the way I’m making word to word translation I’m not sure if this is the way to phrase “kentsel dönüşüm” in English.

    Your photographs are so valuable and they will be great documentary source in the future. I’m adding your blog to my blogroll:)


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  3. hello, from canada!!
    i found your blog via TONY ZYMNOCH’s BENCH.
    i love what you do. much looks into a derelict state to my western eyes, but a city so ancient is bound to have vestiges of past eras, sometimes considered a sore spot, but there is indeed something evocative about it all. i’ll be adding you to my blogroll, as it is important to see what’s abroad, rather than remaining complacently staring at our own navel (nombrilisme, if you understand french…). keep up the good work, and i am looking forward to more.

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  5. the combination of bricks and wood is really nice. i wonder how it looked when it was at its prime?

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