yellow-red tulips, istanbul (visit to Mevlana Museum, Konya)

yellow-red tulips, istanbul tulip festival, istanbul, sarı-kırmızı laleler, istanbul lale festivali, pentax k10d

yellow-red tulips, istanbul tulip festival, istanbul, sarı-kırmızı laleler, istanbul lale festivali, pentax k10d

as a lover of Mevlana, I am publishing friend’s notes about Mevlana museum.

anyway. back to turkeyyyy!! (:
i realised there should only be like 8 ‘chapters’
since we were only there for like 8days
the extra 2 days were the terribly long plane rides

so this post will be about day 4 and day5.
day 4 saw us moving from
Cappadocia (hot-air balloon place) to Konya
which used to be the capital city of the Turks
from the 12th and 13th centuries.

we only stopped by Konya to see this Mevlana Museum.
which was also a mausoleum for Mevlana,
this Anatolian philosopher that
many still worship religiously.
… kind of like the Turkish version of Confucius. haha

the place was also a graveyard of several
key figures of idk, the Mevlana school-of-thought
most probably.

his philosophy/beliefs are quite nice
as most islamic philosophers’ ideas usually are.
imo, if you want to talk about
east vs west philosophers
the islamic philosphers seem to have the most in common
with their western counterparts.
while the chinese philosophers have ideas
that i feel, should complement the west.
(point is, its rly we’re not that radically different la!)

not sure about the indians though,
i get very turned off by the nomenclature.

okay, personal opinion only hor.
my opinions are often not very logical
not very accurate… but dont hate yo!!
i really enjoy philo/ki but i dont claim to be good at it,
y’know what i mean?
so its only natural that when i travel
i notice things like these
and i compare it with what i know
which admittedly, isnt much…
so… well, you have to look past that…

hmm, an epiphany: i sort of understand what
jm’s brother was referring to when he
talked about ‘frequency’ last night.

anyway, like most islamic philosophers that i know
(which again isnt alooooot),
Mevlana’s ideas are really similar
to that of the classical greek philosophers.
with the whole emphasis on spiritual, higher truths
and Man’s purpose to seek perfection.

then we headed off from Konya to Pamukkale.
stopped by this caravanserais (inn for caravans)
for lunch.

the turkish have this soup, lentil soup,
which they apparently love having
for every meal of the day sans breakfast.
…so its not that hard to get sick of turkish fare
after a while.

but the food at this place was sososooo good!
im not sure what its called
but it tasted heavenly!
especially after days of lentil soup
and other unappetizing stuff.

after that we headed to the hotel
the whole journey was like 12hours
so that’s why day 4 seems particularly short.

anyway, because it was winter
days were shorter, nights were longer
so… in a way it was damn uncomfortable
to see night falling at 4pm.

these few days, ive been sleeping till 11am.
not sure whether im still jetlagging or what
so i missing daylight tooooo
i feel so nocturnal, hurhur.

for full notes visit her blog :)


One response to “yellow-red tulips, istanbul (visit to Mevlana Museum, Konya)

  1. What beautiful tulips! Makes me think of Spring – we have a lot of snow here and no blooming flowers at the moment!

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