Hamidiye Mosque, Beşiktaş Yıldız

Pentax K10D, at Istanbul

Hamidiye, adjacent to Yıldız Palace, was built by Abdülhamid II in 1886. The architect was Nikogos Balyan, the chief imperial architect of the time.

Once you pass through the doors leading to the courtyard of the mosque you see two white, marble staircases, which connect you to two different rooms on the second floor, and between them the main door, decorated with beautiful calligraphy.

The stairs on the right lead to the Süfera Odası, a room reserved for ambassadors, with its gilt ceiling, while the stairs to the left lead to the ornately decorated Hünkar Mahfili, the royal booth. To the left of the royal box, there is an elegant, white ceramic stove that remains well-preserved, and to the right there is another booth separated from the rest of the room with a door made mostly of glass. This smaller booth looks out through latticework over the main space of the mosque.

You enter the mosque through two covered rooms, the first smaller and the second larger. These rooms contain lockable shoe boxes.

quoted from Today’s Zaman , Expat zone


One response to “Hamidiye Mosque, Beşiktaş Yıldız

  1. A beautiful mosque and a very nice shot dear Özgür … With my best wishes, Müge

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