visiting Ali Suavi street in Kadikoy

Kadikoy, Ali Suavi street

Kadikoy, Ali Suavi street

Ali Suavi (1838-1878) worked as a teacher at Bursa elementary school and preached at Sehzade Mosque in Istanbul; writer at Philip Efendi’s newspaper Muhbir; worked in different positions at offices in Simav, Plovdiv and Sofia. He was member of Society of Neo Ottomans and editor of its official journal. He was exiled to Kastamonu because his writings against the Abd-ul-Aziz.


* A Propos de L’Herzegovine (Regarding Herzegovina, Paris, 1876),
* Ali Paşa’nın Siyaseti (The Politics of Ali Paşa, 1908),
* Defter-i Âmâl-i Ali Paşa (Defter-i Amal-i* of Ali Paşa, Paris, ?),
* Devlet Yüz On Altı Buçuk Milyon Borçtan Kurtuluyor (The Government Gets Out of a One Hundred and *Sixteen and a Half Million Debt, Paris, 1875).
* Hive (Hive, Paris 1873, İstanbul 1910),
* Hukuku’ş-Şevari (Ways of the Law, translation from Gazali, 1808),
* Montenegro (Montenegro, Paris, 1876),
* Nesayih-i Ebu Hanife Kamusu’l Ulûm ve’l Maârif (Nesayih-i Ebu Hanife, Dictionary of Science and *Education, an unfinished essay of encyclopedia, 1870),
* Saydu’l Mefkûd (The Lost Prey, 2 volumes),
* Taharriyat-ı Suavi alâ Tarih-i Türk (The Research of Suavi on Turkish History),
* Usul-i Fıkıh Nam Risalenin Tercümesi (Translation of the Pamphlet named Methodology of the Canon Law, London, 1868),

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