rush hours

my destop

my destop

I am in deadline  of a new project . This is my home. It is my desktop.   I am developing a data collection software for marketing research companies. It includes several modules : web browser, barcode support or PDAs.  I have some plans for   phone edition of this.

Because of strict deadline  I am tired, I have no time to shot daily, play music or read something.  I have to publish some old (but good and not published)  photos.  sorry . ..


4 responses to “rush hours

  1. Tahmin etmistim, stoklardan idare ettiginizi;)
    Sorun degil tabiki. Kaynaklar cok cesitli, yeter ki goz gorsun neyin ne zaman kullanilacagini:)
    Oo musik mi okumak mi? Musik derim. Ben, onemli anlar ve saatler haric muziksiz yasayamayan biriyimdir. Kafayi sifirlamak icin ilac otesi gibi, c-vitamininden bile fazla etkisi var -enazindan bende yani:)

  2. I am jut a poor boy , nobody loves me
    I am not using photoshop or similar program …
    just pentax touch


  3. Hey guy! Who cares your desktop. Show me the streets.. Show me the your photoshop effected pics!

    Hey I learned a new turkish word from a Turkish friend of mine. He told me that “Çiko” means wise guy in your language. So my friend from now on I’ll call you “çiko”. Go ahead çiko! Kim tutar seni… (My friend told me these two phrases are go together well)…

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