Oh Friend, With love I became happy

yellow tulip

yellow tulip

Oh Friend

Oh Friend, when I began to love You,
my intellect went and left me.
I gazed at the rivers. I dove into the seas.

But a spark of Love’s fire
can make the seas boil.
I fell in, caught fire, and burned.

A soul in love is free of worries.
With love all problems left me.
With love I became happy.

When the nightingale saw the face
of the red rose, it fell in love.
I saw the faces of those who matured,
and became a nightingale.

I was a dead tree fallen onto the path.
When a master threw me a glance and
brought me to life.

Yunus, if you are a true lover,
humble yourself.
Humility was chosen by them all.

Yunus Emre

taken by Pentax K10D, at Istanbul


2 responses to “Oh Friend, With love I became happy

  1. stay in peace.

    with love from istanbul

  2. randallbutisingh

    A beautiful poem indeed. Love and Humilty, two great virtues that will take you to that space which is called Peace.

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