we love Moda

Moda port, Kadikoy (Moda iskelesi, Kadıköy)

Moda port, Kadikoy (Moda iskelesi, Kadıköy), Istanbul, Pentax K10D

Gazel to Death

Perhaps I’ve always thought secretly about death
In everything and before all else I thought of it

As though it were the identical twin within me
When I thought of myself, I thought of it

If now and again I appeared to have forgotten,
When I longed for forgotten things, I thought of it

When a girl in a thousand year-old picture
Smiled sadly at me, I thought of it

In a dream where I encountered my unhappy childhood
As I ran my hands through her hair, I thought of it

I knew it was eyeing me from everywhere
I knew this and also thought of it

Although everyone is dying his own death
When someone died it was my death I thought of

My sense of life is so powerful that
Death was just a concept, I only thought of it

Ataol Behramoglu ( by Walter G. Andrews )

pentax K10D, 18 mm

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