Love Requires Two People

white tulip

white tulip

Love Requires Two People

Direction of wind changes
Leaves fade suddenly
Ship loses its way on the sea
looks for a harbor in vain
Laughter of a stranger
has already stolen your lover;
The poison gathered in you
will kill only itself
The only thing experienced alone is death
Love requires two people

Even its a memory did not remain
from lovemaking during nights
The skin I touched thousands times
the poems you can write is thousands year far.

Ataol Behramoglu

Aşk İki Kişiliktir

Değişir rüzgarın yönü,
Solar ansızın yapraklar;
Şaşırır yolunu denizde gemi,
Boşuna bir liman arar.
Gülüşü bir yabancının,
Çalmıştır senden sevdiğini;
İçinde biriken zehir,
Sadece kendini öldürecektir;
Ölümdür yaşanan tek başına
Aşk iki kişiliktir.

Bir anı bile kalmamıştır,
Geceler boyu sevişmelerden;
Binlerce yıl uzaklardadır,
Binlerce kez dokunduğun ten;
Yazabileceğin şiirler,

Ataol Behramoglu

taken by Pentax K10D, at Istanbul
Ataol Behramoglu
Ataol Behramoğlu was born in 1942 in Çatalca near İstanbul and graduated in Russian Language and Literature. He spent part of his life in exile in Paris and Moscow. His collections of poetry are Ne Yağmur…Ne Şiirler (Neither Rain… Nor Poems, 1976), Kuşatmada (During the Siege, 1978), Mustafa Suphi Destan (Epic of Moustapha Suphi, 1979), Dörtlükler (Quatrains, 1980), Bebeklerin Ulusu Yok (Babies don’t have Nations, 1988), Sevgilimsi (You are my Beloved, 1993), Aşk İki Kişiktir (Love is two Person Thing, 1999), Yeni Aşka Gazel (Gazel to a new Love, 2002). He was arrested and sentenced to hard labour as a member of the Turkish Peace Association in 1982, and subsequently went into exile in France where he studied, worked and lived until 1989, when he was acquitted in Turkey. His Epic of Moustapha Suphi (1987/88) was the first play in Turkish staged at the 1989 Avignon Theatre Festival. He was the president of the Turkish Writers Syndicate between 1995-1999, and has been the literary and political critic on staff of the Cumhuriyet daily since 1995. He is the Associate professor and Chairman of the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures at the Istanbul University. In 2003 he was awarded The Great Prize of Poetry 2003 by Turkish International P.E.N.

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