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What became of last night’s promise?

yellow tulips, istanbul tulip festival, pentax k10d

yellow tulips, istanbul tulip festival, pentax k10d

What became of last night’s promise?

What became of last night’s promise? —
You broke it this morning!
But why should I care?
I can conquer the world with a blink,
I can heal a broken heart with a smile.

O heart,
Make your wish —
The gifts are ready,
the King is waiting with open arms.
The light of His Face
is shining upon you.

I never heard a King say,
“Wait till tomorrow,
then I’ll give you everything.”
Has dim light ever shown from the face of a full moon?

Where are the favors?
Where are the wise men?
Where are the open doors?
Where is the Revealer of Secrets? —
The answer is: “Right here!”
They are here, from the beginning to the end.
So it says,
“You are what you seek.”

Enough talk from me.
I have died at the Beloved’s feet.
No, I am wrong —
One who gains life through Him
can never die.

When the King’s reflection dances upon the earth
Mud and stone come to life,
brittle trees laugh,
barren women give birth.

If His reflection can do this
Imagine what the light of His Face can do!
It is the brightness of every thought,
The light animating every soul,
The source of life
from the Sun to the fourth heaven.

But one can only know the taste of salt
by sprinkling it on his food.

What a wonder!
The Beloved is in love with the lover.
What a miracle!
>From black soot grows a paradise.

— version by Jonathan Star, “Rumi — In the Arms of the Beloved “,
Jeremy P. Tarcher/Putnam, New York 1997


taken by Pentax K10D, at Istanbul