Daily Archives: March 30, 2008

Riva Castle in our eyes


Our Eyes 
Our eyes
are limpid
drops of water.
In each drop exists
a tiny sign
of our genius
which has given life to cold iron.
Our eyes
are limpid
drops of water
merged absolutely in the Ocean
that you could hardly recognize
the drop in a block of ice
in a boiling pan.
The masterpiece of these eyes
the fulfillment of their genius
the living iron. Continue reading

My suggestions, March-2008

  1. cowparade, orange one
  2. balat streets in shadow
  3. pando, king of the breakfast
  4. Zeyrek Church Mosque
  5. Balat Streets and Red School
  6. Old Window
  7. watching tv
  8. Haydarpasa lights
  9. Emirgan park and tulips
  10. Stork portrait