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only one of them


a gravestone from Beyazid, Istanbul

Pentax ZP1-p, 100-300 mm

our roots …


old gravestones  …

our roots belongs to the Ottoman Empire
These are from Sultanahmet Square

taken with Pentax Z1-p, 28-70 mm

balloon seller


Old man sells balloons in child park.

old building in Beyoglu

beyoglu, istanbul

An old building in Beyoglu. Lower stages are used as restaurant. Higher stages are reserved for homeless …

Baltalimani stream

bosphorus, Istanbul

“simit” seller in Emirgan

simit, emirgan, istanbul

simit seller in Emirgan seaside.

pentax z1-p, 28-70 mm

mobile milk cafe


accross to the bosphorus :)

white tulips

emirgan,istanbul, flower, tulip

tulips from Emirgan park

pentax z1-p, 100-300 mm

yellow-red flowers


pentax PZ1-p

simit seller

sultanahmet, istanbul, simit