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yellow-red flowers

red flowers, istanbul, pentax k10d

red flowers, istanbul, pentax k10d

Will You be There?

Will you be there? my yearning heart has cried:
Ah me, my love, my love, shall I be there,
To sit down in your glory and to share
Your gladness, glowing as a virgin bride?
Or will another dearer, fairer-eyed,
Sit nigher to you in your j ubilee;
And mindful one of other will you be
Borne higher and higher on joy’s ebbless tide?
— Yea, if I love I will not grudge you this:
I too shall float upon that heavenly sea
And sing my joyful praises without ache;
Your overflow of joy shall gladden me,
My whole heart shall sing praises for your sake
And find its own fulfilment in your bliss.

Christina Rossetti