About us


I live in Istanbul and I love him. I’ll try to share my daily life shots with you …

and some bullets about me …

  • working in an international marketing research company as director.
  • Electronics and telecommunication engineer
  • Ms and Phd in economics
  • experienced software developer
  • playing fingerstyle acoustic guitar
  • formerly active chess player
  • reiki practioner
  • kung-fu performer tai-chi and wing chun style
  • and pentax user since 1997

I’m using my own photos with minimal photoshop touch.

Because of hosting limitations, I ‘ve used compressed copies. If you want to use original copies as free, please send a comment .

from Istanbul, with love and lights


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156 responses to “About us

  1. I really like the work you all do – thank you for sharing – John

  2. You did a great work man ! This is an awesome blog …

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